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Good times start at Deer Lake Charlie's!

Share your photos and fun times with us and we'll post them here!

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deer lake charlie's reviews

What our guests are saying...

Are we worth the drive? These people think so...

Bonnie S.
"These pictures bring back so many memories of DLC. I feel the warmth. Wish I'd been there. Thank you Gail for keeping the traditions alive. The place lives in the hearts of many."
Joe from Int'l Falls
"As a kid from Chisholm, we used to drive by Deer Lake Charlie's all the time on our way to Birchdale from the family home. As an adult, I finally got the chance to stop. Now I know why we didn't stop... we'd never get to Birchdale."
Karrene H.
"Have you been to Deer Lake Charlie's? Oh my gosh. You have to go. Like, you have to, have to, have to go there. It's the coolest place with the coolest vibe, ever."